Maternal Health & Nutrition

Maternal Health is an integral part of infant and young child feeding projects. The ‘maternal package’ promoted by Nutrition at the Center is in line with WHO’s Safe Motherhood Package for technical content and USAID’s Minimum Activities for Mother and Newborns (MAMAN) framework for community level interventions. The core interventions are frequent antenatal care (at least four visits during pregnancy) and adequate nutritional intake during pregnancy and lactation. Programming in this area might include:
  • Micronutrient supplementation (iron/folate among others)

  • Promoting a diversified diet that meets the caloric needs of pregnant and lactating women

  • Improving the use of locally available foods to ensure increased intake of important nutrients

  • Promoting bed nets to prevent malaria related anemia

  • Promoting birth spacing to prevent depletion of nutrition stores brought about by pregnancies in quick succession

Maternal Health Graphic.png