Bulawa Tolie

(Calling groups)
On the day of the polio round, children from the primary school are gathered and formed into bulawa tolies. A bulawa toli is a group of children (consisting of 8-10 members) who go from house-to-house in the village, calling other children and their families for OPV at the polio centers.


Coffee Ceremony

The traditional Ethiopian coffee ceremony is a two to three hour affair. There are many traditions that part of the ceremony. Incense is burned and snacks are eaten while the lady of the house roasts green coffee beans, grounds the coffee with mortar and pestle, brews the coffee and serves. The first cup is brought to the eldest attendant.
An invitation to a coffee ceremony is a mark of respect and friendship. During the ceremony community affairs, politics and other issues are discussed. This is also an opportunity to hold a peer education session on polio vaccine. Usually at least three rounds of coffee is consumed at one setting. Using the coffee ceremony to educate villagers on polio, is a means to use traditional settings to bring new knowledge to the community.